29th July 2014

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The Bio Intelligent Quotient (B.I.Q.) Building is the First Fully Algae-Powered Architecture

Operating successfully for over a year, the Bio Intelligent Quotient (B.I.Q.) building in Hamburg, Germany is the first to be fully powered by algae. The building is covered with 0.78-inch thick panels—200 square meters in total—filled with algae from the Elbe River and pumped full of carbon dioxide and nutrients. The panels, which display the bright green algae, are not only aesthetic, but performative. When sunlight hits the “bioreactor” panels, photosynthesis causes the microorganisms to multiply and give off heat. The warmth is then captured for heating water or storing in saline tanks underground, while algae biomass is harvested and dried. It can either be converted to biogas, or used in secondary pharmaceutical and food products. Residents have no heating bills and the building currently reduces overall energy needs by 50%. 

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29th July 2014

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29th July 2014

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Tatiana Maslany tells us if she is more of an Abbi or an Ilana from Broad City.

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29th July 2014

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The Levi people said they’d like to make me an outfit- a denim kilt, and a whole denim Nightcrawler blue thing for the [X-Men] premiere, and then they said “Wouldn’t it be great if you had a big black leather belt which had Nightcrawler studded on it?”
So we go to this leather shop in San Francisco and we’re buying the belts and there’s all these metal cock rings on the wall, millions of them. And I was like “How do you know how big a cockring is? Because you can’t tie it or anything, it’s just a metal thing.” And the guy at the shop heard me and went “Would you like to try one on, sir?” and I was like “oh….ok!” so he gets one down off the wall and goes “You look like a medium” and I’m like “Oh, fuck you.”
…so then the premiere comes, and then you know when you go to those things there’s endless television crews you’ve got to do little sound bytes for…and I’m wearing a kilt, so they say “So Alan, are you being a true Scotsman? What are you wearing under your kilt?” and after a while I couldn’t resist it any longer- “I’m wearing just a cockring.” and they’re like “No, really….” and I’m like “Yes, really.”
And then I got so brazen about it that by the end of the party, people didn’t believe me and I was like “Feel it!” So I would get people’s fingers, like the head of the studio and everything, and I would put their fingers so they could feel like, the metal at the top bit. Not near anything dangerous, just above the thing. And then eventually word got around and there was like, a line of people waiting to feel the metal of my cockring. So yeah, that’s my cockring story! [x]

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29th July 2014

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Life in general is pretty minimizing because you have a lot of big ideas and you have to battle the mistaken delusions and instability that come with youth. And then watching that just wither away as you become more of a realist is a harrowing experience for any human being. I just think you gotta have a good fucking attitude.

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29th July 2014

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Xavier Dolan in Candy Magazine 2013

Men, all I’m asking of you is for you to collectively grow out your hair and work on looking more like sultry silent movie sirens.

I don’t think I’m asking that much of you.  If you were willing to put in that amount of effort to be sexy on average, then I might not mind you yelling things about my boobs in the street so much.


A sultry silent movie siren would never yell something about my boobs at me on the street, instead they’d blow cigarette smoke and give me a smoldering glance.

I pretty much think this sums up what I’m going to need men to do if they want me to find them attractive at the rate they think I should find them attractive.

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i’m in love




Well that was nice, my eyes thank you


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why would you want to be an offensive stereotype for Halloween

when u can be



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My mom is so mean to me

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Death may come invisible…
…or in a holy wall of fire

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glee flashback: fave scenes - the sue sylvester shuffle (2x11)

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am I sick from anxiety or am I actually physically ill? a memoir by me

am i lazy or horribly depressed: the sequel

does everyone hate me or am I just very insecure: the completion of the trilogy

And the riveting companion anthology of short stories: Am I Actually Getting Better or am I Ignoring My Problems

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